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Market80 is a commercial brand established in Hong Kong with a focus on Hi-Tech Health Care products. Electromagnetic radiation hazard is a topic in the era that arouses significant attention on human body health. Market80 has been working closely with our global partners across Switzerland, Germany, France and so on to explore ways to get health protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution. Shielding materials, products as well as EMF detectors are being introduced into the region to help our clients within both corporate and retail segments getting away from such a threat. Market80 welcomes to work together with entities to further explore solutions about electromagnetic radiation pollution. We basically keeps working on Hi-Tech Health Care products to strengthen protection on human life.

Market80 is an official distributor of Swiss Shield which is a corporation in Switzerland with patent technology on shielding fabric manufacture. We are maintained with stable fabric supply for distributions and product developments among our clients. Further on, we are corporate partners with YShield and Gigahertz Solutions in Germany as well as EPE Conseil in France in which we're supplied with high technology EMF equipments and shielding materials. Corporate clients with focuses on renovation, construction business as well as radiation detection are also welcomed to contact us for shielding solutions.